The Project

Introducing the Mo Bottom Project

King corn, baby, Pray for rain. (photo by Steve Givens)

Named for the fertile farmland in St. Louis’ North County near the Missouri River and its confluence with the Mississippi, the Mo Bottom Project is a gathering place, an online journal of music, writing, photography and art that celebrates the vibrancy and history of the region and the soul and spirit of American roots music and its influence on rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and blues. Over time, we hope to populate this site with content such as:

  • New music as the members of the project create it, as well as essays, poems, lyrics and photography that draw upon the same influences and tell the stories behind the music.
  • Announcements of performances by the group of musicians behind the project.
  • Essays and articles on regional history, our musical influences and heroes, and other artists who are doing the important work of creating works that celebrate the region and the land.
  • Book and music reviews.
  • Videos and slideshows.
  • Links to the good work of other musicians and artists who are celebrating the same things.
Steve Givens

So stay tuned. Check back often or, better yet, subscribe to receive an email whenever we post something new. And as nice as it is to have these online meeting places, we hope to see you soon at one of our shows. If you have any questions about the project and what we are trying to create, drop me a line. We’re just getting started.

Steve Givens