Cruisin’ North St. Louis in the ’70s: Circle By Nine

Here’s a new “old-time” rock ‘n’ roll song and slideshow video by the Mo Bottom Project. “Circle by Nine” is a little celebration of the hot rod cruising culture of the 1960s and 1970s around the Halls Ferry Circle and the communities of Baden, Walnut Park, North Point and Jennings (depending on which road you took off the circle!) Car shows photos by Steve Givens.

Circle By Nine
Music & Lyrics by Steve Givens and John Caravelli

Ante up boys, toss in your quarters and dimes.
We’re filling up the Chevy at the Texaco sign.
We’re ready for tonight, we are born to run,
And raised on the promise that the good die young.

It’s Friday night and school’s out
Wanna scream and gotta shout,
We’re living loud and wastin’ no time,
And racing to the Circle…
Racing to the Circle by nine

I got the windows rolled down and the music cranked up,
I gotta cherry bomb muffler and baby moon hubs.
I got four on the floor and two girls in the back,
I get air when I shoot across the railroad tracks.

Well the back’s jacked high and the grill’s down low.
This baby turns heads everywhere that I go.
She’s a four-barrel big block V8 dream
And she flies down Hall Street like a laser beam.


Goodfellow, Riverview, Halls Ferry, gotta cruise,
Peeling out and hittin’ the brakes.
Warm night, hot date, cool ride, can’t wait,
Circlin’ round to Steak ‘n’ Shake…
Circlin’ round to Steak ‘n’ Shake.

copyright 2015 Potter’s Mark Music


Steve Givens, lead vocals
John Caravelli, guitars
Pat Dillender, drums
Gerry Kasper, bass
Phil Cooper, keyboards

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